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 Orthopedic Instruments
 Anesthesia & L. Scope
 Cast Cutting Blades
 Dressing & Tissue Forceps
 Dermatology Hygiene
 Haemostatic Forceps
 Intestine, Stomach & Rectum
 Kidney Instruments
 Mouth & Tongue
 Suture / Needle Holders
 Neurosurgery Laminectomy
 Plaster of Paris Instruments
 Scalpel Knives
 Sterilizing Aids
 Splinter Forceps
 Towel Clamps
 Trocars Puncture Needles
 Tubing Clamps
 Urology Instruments
 Extracting Forcpes
 Impression Trays
 Endodontic Instruments
 Orthodontic Instruments
 Needle Holders
 Orthodontic Pliers
 Mouth Mirror & Handles
 Deluxe Orthodontic Pliers w/ screw lock
 Periodontal Curettes
 wax,porcelain & cement instruments
 Bone Curettes
 Bone Files
 Bone Chisels
 Amalgam Carrier
 Aspirating Syringes
 Matrix Retainers
 Rubber Dam Instruments
 Periodontal Pocket Probes
 Barber Shears
 Hair Thinning Scissors
 Smooth Paper Shears
 Special Paper Shears
 Practice Shears
 Cuticle Nail Nose Scissors
 Special Cuticle Scissors
 House Hold Scissors
 Sewing Scissors
 Tweezers Color Coated
 Cuticle Nippers
 Cuticle Nippers With Soft grips
 Nail Nippers
 Professional toe Nail Cutters
 Wood Cases
 Leather Accessories
 Nail Pedicure Cutters
 Corn Cutters & Tip Cutters
 Spetulas & Scalers
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We would like to  introduce ourselves as one of the leading Manufacturers -cum - Exporters of Surgical Dental, Manicure,  veterinary & allied instruments.

Our manufacturing unit is fully equipped with the most modern machinery, Hardening, tempering, planting plants having testing facilities by the highly skilled and most experienced craftsmen / technicians, the entire  production is  unrivaled in  quality and
WE Guarantee For :
The use of best steel of proper specification in the production, flawless workmanship and superb finish.
Electrolytic ally passivity and ultrasonically cleaned with the best imported chemicals to provide maximum resistance to corrosion.
Exact match of samples approved by the buyers, as well as, uniform standard and finish for all  quantities. Each instrument is individually tested for its technical specifications before final packing.

Customer Service :
PAK NORWAY IMPEX is committed to total customer satisfaction .Our staff will be online to advise and assist wherever it may be required.

  We are always offering:
• Extremely competitive prices
• Unique quality and products
• Timely delivery of all the orders.
Inmost of the areas,  we have become a pioneer, and we look forward in continuing to increase our reputation for state of the art instruments whilst providing a healthier, safer environment..

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